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Children of Alcoholics Awareness Week
Become the Star in the Life of the Child
February 14-20, 2016

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Join the national – and international – awareness campaign to break the painful silence and offer hope to the vulnerable children and teenagers impacted by parents who are struggling with addiction. By “shining brightly” in the lives of these children, caring adults can help by listening, by believing in the child, and by modeling healthy behaviors and demonstrating options for healthy living. Because it is hard to know which children are impacted at times, like a star in the darkness an adult can stand as a beckon for children who may be suffering silently and alone, in the darkness of fear. NACoA invites you, or your organization, to recognize COA Awareness Week, and “become the star in the life of a child.”

PRESS RELEASE: NACoA Kicks Off Children of Alcoholics Awareness Week 2016

Why COA Awareness Week?

One in four children lives in a family touched by addiction
Caring adults can change the course of a child’s life
Judges can take the first step to initiate dramatic change in addicts and their families
The science validates the varying levels of emotional and personal damage to developing children
Knowledge/validation of a child’s reality begins the healing process
Many people are unaware of how much alcohol is “too much”
Neighbors need to know that children nearby may live in hidden chaos caused by parental drinking
Children/teens need to know who the “safe people” are they can trust in their schools
Faith Community leaders need more education about addiction, and its impact on young members of their congregation, in order to break the silence by speaking about it and family recovery.
Aunts and uncles, aware when a sister or brother drinks too much, may need to reach out to support their own nieces/nephews.

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Why COA Awareness Week?

7 Facts About COAs

Core Competencies for Parents


The Invisible Children: It's COA Awareness Week So Listen Up, This Matters
By Dr. Tian Dayton

When Growing Up Hurts: How Parental Addiction Impacts Kids
By Dr. Tian Dayton

Tools for COA Awareness Week Activities

COA Awarenes s Week celebrates the recovery of the many thousands of children (of all ages) who have received the help they needed to recover from the pain and losses suffered in their childhood, and it offers hope to those still suffering from the adverse impact of parental alcohol and drug addiction through educational programs, proclamations by mayors and governors, poster contests in schools, and radio, television and print media. Advocacy tools and suggested activities can be found below.


2015 Meritorious Service Award Winner
The Moyer Foundation – Camp Mariposa was selected to receive NACoA's 2015 Meritorious Service Award which recognizes outstanding programming and advocacy by a NACoA affiliate to raise public awareness of the needs of children of alcoholics (COAs) during Children of Alcoholics Week. The 2016 award winner will be announced in June.

Our national -- and international -- affiliates energize and customize the COA Awareness campaign to fit the needs of their local communities. Many are doing extraordinary work all year long, and NACoA is honored to spotlight such efforts at this time of year. Learn more about our affiliates.


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